Our company started  with a very talented baker and driven by a mother's heart.

When Christine found out that she as well as her 2 children couldn't have gluten anymore, she immediately turned her love for baking to a mission, so every other kid like her children can enjoy their favorite baked goods.

We are reinventing the gluten-free industry once again, by using pure honey in our bread instead of refined sugar and extra virgin olive oil instead of canola oil in our bagels, by reducing starch intake and using high in fiber ingredients, and doing all of this while maintaining the best taste gluten-free baked goods. 

As we move forward we are very excited to have Ehab- or as his friends and family like to call him: "Beebo". A master baker of 20 years and one of the youngest graduates of Alexandria university is now leading our company with science and master level baking skills.

Once again, we lead the gluten-free industry to a whole new era of uncompromised, unaltered gluten-free life style where...

"Good Eats Is Always Without Wheat!"